I look forward to our continued business relationship and would like to express our deepest thanks to your “team”. Your patience and understanding is most appreciated.

Lisa Priore, Stock News Pro/DBA Knobias

"We are pleased with Atlantic-Crossing who have been instrumental in helping Godrej Infotech get business in the US market since 3 years, and also nurturing our team to understand and manage client expectations and help us with delivery of successful work. We look forward to a continued long term business relationship with them."

Suhas G Dharap Business Head – Software Services Godrej Infotech Limited (Godrej Infotech is a part of GODREJ-One India's largest business conglomerates, established in 1897)

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Data Entry Services



•  Data Entry Services You Can Rely On
Atlantic Crossing provides only the finest skilled operators and then professionally trains them to meet our clients critical standards. This ensures the accuracy that every business requires for their data needs.

Our skilled data entry service associates are capable of recognizing improved ways to speed up and improve the efficiency of the data entry process. Unlike many offshore companies, we are unique in our goals to satisfy every requirement for your data entry project. Atlantic Crossing actually cares about your job and will guarantee our work to be the best for your data entry project!

• Data entry services
• Forms processing
• Database data entry
• Document conversions
• Time-sensitive data entry services
• Insurance forms
• Legal transcripts

•  Benefits
Atlantic Crossing has trained data entry service professionals that will take your data entry problems and turn them into bottom line profits!

• High Level of security standards and practices
• Professionally trained, English speaking operators provide superb data accuracy
• Efficiency and Quality Control done by qualified Project Managers
• Accuracy of data entry and verification is 99.5%
• Eliminate costly computer equipment and maintenance
• Online real-time data entry service
• We can help you plan and implement your next data entry project
• No data entry project is too large or too small
• We have satisfied customers
• Secure transactions
• No need to advertise, interview or train operators
• Save on facility costs; rent, utilities, and other related costs
• More time for your employees to do what they do best
• All information can be captured on just about any type of media
• 24/7 Communication and support.

•  Pricing
Data entry and many other document management tasks can be very labor intensive. These projects are well suited to offshore processing because of the lower labor costs available. Prices usually reflect the time required to complete each unit of a job.

• Data Entry Projects Of All Sizes
• Jobs are priced per record or per hour
• We offer large volume discounts on data entry online orders.

Our data entry online services will help you eliminate unnecessary document costs and boost your bottom line.

•  Quality 
Quality to our team means entering all of your data without errors or omissions.
We achieve this with thorough planning, testing, staff training, technology, and quality assurance programs.

Quality means that the finished product meets your accuracy, format and deadline requirements. The data has to work in your system to give you useful information. We develop a quality assurance program for each project.

The QA system includes procedures and schedules for data entry, validation checking, random quality checks, and output delivery. The schedules are entered into a tracking system by manageable batch size. Output is checked in the India data entry facility and in our US offices before delivery.

•  Planning 
Good planning up front avoids poor quality at the end. Our Project Managers will consult with you to understand exactly how the data output will be used to improve your business. Then we work with you to develop project specifications, output formats, and project schedules.

The most important task is to determine exactly how you will use the output to achieve an organizational goal. This includes understanding your deadlines and project budget. We examine the source documents and determine the most effective method to extract the information. We suggest an output format (database, text file, new documents, etc.) and write clear data entry and project specifications and instructions for our staff.