About Us

Atlantic Crossing provides business consulting and IT services to clients globally.


We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our focus is to develop new ways of business combining IT innovation while also leveraging an organization's current assets.

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Why Us?

Atlantic Crossing's team is drawn from the blue chip firms - Oracle, Coke, DrPepper, StarKist, SkyTel, CenturyTel, Chiquita and Arthur Andersen, British Telecom, AT&T, ARCO, Tata, Reliance and Birla alongside experienced executives and entrepreneurs who have run their own businesses. We deliver the professionalism of the big name firms with a proactive, highly tailored personal and hands on service to meet each situation.

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Atlantic Crossing or it’s management team is NOT associated with any other company in the United States or Europe with similar sounding name or which have the words Atlantic or Crossing in their name.