What We Do

A brilliant idea does not guarantee great profits. If a company's R&D dollars are going to pay off in profitable products and technologies, it needs a solid business and technology strategy that excels and beats the competition.

Atlantic Crossing provides technology consulting, business strategy and project management advisory services. From building turnkey internet ventures, creating complex mobile applications, planning your business growth strategy, sourcing and managing quality resources to fulfill your technology requirements, Atlantic Crossing has the experience to deliver.

Our team has worked with blue chip firms such as Western Union, Oracle, AT&T, British Telecom to many small to mid-sized companies. We deliver the professionalism of a big name firm with a personal touch.

The industries include healthcare, financial services, telecom, media and communications.

About Us

Atlantic Crossing provides business consulting and IT services to clients globally. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our focus is to develop new ways of business combining IT innovation while also leveraging an organization's current assets.

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