Marketing Plan

Plan the flight - map how you're going to get from A to B!

We will develop and implement a sales and marketing plan for you. This process will involve identifying your existing and potential markets, develop promotional messages that target those markets, and determine the means that will best deliver those messages. The amount of time we devote to research can range from a simple interview with your potential customers to undertaking such projects as customer/client surveys and focus group discussions.

Atlantic Crossing's plan for you will consist of a series of recommendations, each recommendation accompanied by the analysis that led to it and an itemized budget for its implementation. Our objective is to provide a wide array of options from which you can select. Recommendations will involve advertising, publicity strategies, Internet sites, brochures, direct mail solicitations, seminars, networking opportunities, print and online newsletters.


"There is only one statement I would like to make about Atlantic-Crossing and it is I BELIEVE in Atlantic-Crossing! As a startup you often see the landscape as going into battle, going to war and there isn't another person I would rather have by my side than someone that I BELIEVE in!"

Keith Michael Murphy - CEO of Deja Vu Applications

You need relationships in business you can trust and count on. Not only people that are professionally competent, but caring and committed partners that go the extra mile to do whatever needs to be done. Atlantic-Crossing is determined to deliver what they promise.

Jordan Kimmel - Veteran Wall Street Fund Developer, President and Managing Member of Magnet AE Management, LLC, Regular Contributor on CNBC and Fox Business News Television networks

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