I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the relationship between our companies this far. Let me place on record our appreciation of your role in helping us build business through your trusted advisory service. We appreciate your rapport and relationship with the prospective companies, your customer centric approach and your strategic approach to building business. We look forward to your services in building more business for us in the near future.

V.S. Kumar, President - Americas, NSE. IT (US), Inc., 100% IT Subsidiary of the 3rd Largest Stock Exchange in the World

I look forward to our continued business relationship and would like to express our deepest thanks to your “team”. Your patience and understanding is most appreciated.

Lisa Priore, Stock News Pro/DBA Knobias

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CricketForIndia.com (CFI) has a reach of over 7 Million every month.

In India, the sport of cricket is a religion and social media has become huge, and CFI has tapped into this spectacularly, in its 12 months of revival, which was in March 2014.

The facebook page (www.facebook.com/cricketforindia) has over 3.6 million fans.

CFI numbers have grown exponentially. The facebook page engagements on each post has far surpassed competing pages.

Facebook page engagement on each post is extremely vital to brand visibility and sports media has to be visually appealing, and heavily talked about to get extensively viral. CFI offers all of it.

Some of CFI posts in the past few months, have crossed over a million, and several touch quarter of a million, with high engagement rates. Higher than major media brands

Buoyed by strong growth in Internet consumption on mobile devices, the number of people online in India is forecast to touch 302 million by the end of 2016, overtaking the US as the second-largest Internet market in the world.