AtlanticCrossing Announces Partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services)


AtlanticCrossing is pleased to announce a significant step forward in its mission to drive innovation and excellence in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The company has officially become an AWS Partner for AI, solidifying its commitment to the immense potential of AI technologies.

Being a part Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner network signifies a major milestone. AtlanticCrosssing gains access to a wealth of cutting-edge AI resources and technology, which will empower it to create groundbreaking AI solutions for clients and take its AI services to new heights.

Key Benefits for AtlanticCrossing

• Access to Leading AI Technologies: The partnership grants AtlanticCrossing access to AWS’s state-of-the-art AI technologies, including machine learning and deep learning tools, enabling the company to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions.
• Expanded AI Expertise: AtlanticCrossing’s AI team will have access to AWS’s deep pool of AI experts, fostering continuous learning and innovation.
• Enhanced Client Services: The partnership strengthens AtlanticCrossing’s commitment to delivering AI-driven insights, innovations, and solutions, adding even more value to its client offerings.
• Reaffirmation of Commitment: By aligning with AWS, AtlanticCrossing reaffirms its dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI advancement.

AtlanticCrossing is eager to leverage AWS’s powerful ecosystem and resources to fuel digital transformation and innovation. The possibilities are endless, and the company looks forward to co-creating an AI-driven future with its clients.

Becoming an AWS Partner for AI is a remarkable achievement and a testament to our commitment to AI excellence. This collaboration will enable us to unlock new AI capabilities and deliver transformative solutions to our clients

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AtlanticCrossing continues to push the boundaries of technology and AI to deliver the best solutions to its clients.