Success Stories

3DICC & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing is advising 3DICC with business strategy, technology development, resource planning and project management needs. Within 3 months, 3DICC has seen substantial growth in their visibility with a 50% increase in their prospect business development. Also, with the help of AtlanticCrossing's technology and creative inputs, they are evaluating UIX engineers to improve their user interface for their 3D Immersive Collaborative tool, Virtend.

Testimonial from 3DICC
"Atlantic-Crossing has been our business advisor for 3 months. In that time it has brought to us some very good contacts and prospects. We are working through a strategy and plan of action that is very promising. With Atlantic-Crossing's help we expect to grow and prosper."
Ron Teitelbaum - CEO, 3D ICC

Reliance Retail Research Partner & Atlantic-Crossing
Reliance Retail is the retail initiative of Reliance Industries Limited (company is ranked 100th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest corporations as of 2022, valued at US$87 billion) It is central to the group's consumer facing businesses. Reliance Retail has been at the forefront of bringing about Organized Retail revolution in India. With our AI team, we recently conducted a study for Reliance Retail partner, for benchmarking their prices against competition using AI (web scrapping) The study has led to a project worth US$ 4.8 Million.

Testimonial from Reliance Retail Partner
Thank you for conducting the Reliance Study, Brilliantly done! Looking forward to doing more work together with Atlantic-Crossing.
Avinash Misquita, Chief Agent/Partner - Reliance Retail

TechSource & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing sourced technology consultants for TechSource to provide a solution for simplifying complex client demands. It includes complete functionality that is required for a Staff Leasing Company. It is powered by PHP as a front end and MSSQL as database. It includes all the cliententries, employee-entries etc. System is a totally integrated package containing Payroll, General Ledger, Billing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Reporting. Product is designed with considering payroll service companies in mind.

Testimonial from TechSource
Thank you for your work. Truly appreciated
Ken Ivey - CEO, TechSource

Showt & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic -Crossing has advised Showt with it's marketing and technology strategy - Showt is the world's Instant Global Voting platform, where the voice of the people is heard whenever they Showt Yes or No about nearly anyone or anything, 24 hours a day, across 65 languages. ShowtCounts are aggregated and displayed on a national and global basis, and are available in perpetuity. ShowtCounts are aggregated across all publishers and digital platforms.

Testimonial from Showt
"The Showt team was lucky to engage Atlantic-Crossing to assist us with our go-tomarket strategy in our ambitious attempt at building a new internet category, Instant Global Voting. Their advice and wise counsel has been invaluable."
Andy Jacobs - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Deja Vu & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing partner team advised Deja Vu in building a free and opensource platform for building web apps. With Deja Vu you can build complex apps fast, without writing any client- or server-side procedural code.

Testimonial from Deja Vu
"There is only one statement I would like to make about Atlantic-Crossing and it is I BELIEVE in Atlantic-Crossing! As a startup you often see the landscape as going into battle, going to war and there isn't another person I would rather have by my side than someone that I BELIEVE in!"
Keith Michael Murphy - CEO of Deja Vu Applications

Innosoft & Atlantic-Crossing
Innosoft wanted a technology partner in India to develop a 911 app. Atlantic-Crossing provided them not only with a technology partner but also got them into the Indian healthcare market valued at US$ 372 Billion. This led to an increased valuation of their healthcare app.

Testimonial from Innosoft
"Big thank you for your always positive attitude towards InnoSoft and your great help explaining health care opportunities in India"
Jim Voight - CEO & President of Innosoft Inc.

Jordan Kimmel & Atlantic-Crossing
Jordan Kimmel, Wall Street veteran and founder of MAGNET fund founder has selected Atlantic-Crossing to collaborate for technology development, stock market research and social media needs.

Testimonial from Jordan Kimmel
"You need relationships in business you can trust and count on. Not only people that are professionally competent, but caring and committed partners that go the extra mile to do whatever needs to be done. AtlanticCrossing is determined to deliver what they promise."
Jordan Kimmel - Veteran Wall Street Fund Developer, President and Managing Member of Magnet AE Management, LLC, Regular Contributor on CNBC and Fox Business News Television networks

NSE.IT & Atlantic-Crossing
India's second largest stock exchange (NSE)'s technology subsidiary based in the United States wanted a conduit to help them grow in the US market. Atlantic-Crossing provided them with business acumen and customer engagement skills and increased their business growth by 30% in 6 months.

Testimonial from NSE.IT
I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the relationship between our companies this far. Let me place on record our appreciation of your role in helping us build business through your trusted advisory service. We appreciate your rapport and relationship with the prospective companies, your customer centric approach and your strategic approach to building business. We look forward to your services in building more business for us in the near future."
V.S. Kumar, President - Americas, NSE. IT (US), Inc., 100% IT Subsidiary of the 3rd Largest Stock Exchange in the World

Knobias & Atlantic-Crossing
US public companies are required to file quarterly statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A primary focus of these statements is to report the financial status of the company (i.e. Earnings). Many companies choose to release press releases prior to the actual filing announcing their earnings for the quarter. Many of these same companies also choose to host conference calls after this releas Knobias required Atlantic-Crossing to access an internal Intranet tool that track all press releases that may be related to an earnings announcement or conference call. AtlanticCrossing team supported this tool so that multiple people to work on this project at the same time. It also prevented more than one person from working on the same release. The user clicks the headline to read the release to extract the announcement information. Once, clicked, the release will be automatically removed from all user displays.

Testimonial from Knobias
"I look forward to our continued business relationship and would like to express our deepest thanks to your "team". Your patience and understanding is most appreciated."
Lisa Priore, Stock News Pro/DBA Knobias

Western Union & Atlantic-Crossing
Western Union engaged Atlantic-Crossing to advise on website WU.COM layout and ease of use.

Testimonial from Western Union
"Thanks so much for the work you did for the Western Union WU.COM business.I was impressed with the professionalism, speed, and thoroughness of the work from your team."
Mike Hagerty, SVP, Global Marketing/ Western Union

Connect Technologies & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing served as technology partner to Connect Technologies for website building and maintenance projects for their clients in Southern States.

Testimonial from Connect Technologies
I can't say enough good things about AtlanticCrossing. They have an excellent understanding of IT business, tireless work ethic & follow through, wonderful business connections-----All tempered with a very good feel for personal relationships in sales & marketing. Simply an outstanding company to work with."
John Welch, President / CEO, K&W, Inc - Connect VNA (Technologies)

Godrej Infotech & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing positioned Godrej Infotech as a prime technology partner for outsourcing work. Their technology business rose by 100% through Atlantic-Crossing's efforts.

Testimonial from Godrej Infotech
"We are pleased with Atlantic-Crossing who have been instrumental in helping Godrej Infotech get business in the US market since 3 years, and also nurturing our team to understand and manage client expectations and help us with delivery of successful work. We look forward to a continued long term business relationship with them."
Suhas G Dharap Business Head - Software Services Godrej Infotech Limited (Godrej Infotech is a part of GODREJ-One India's largest business conglomerates, established in 1897)

BlackTie Magazine & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing helped in design, development and maintenance of BlackTie International Magazine website.

Testimonial from BlackTie International
Black Tie International Magazine wishes to thank all those who are helping in our development. Special thanks to AtlanticCrossing.
Gerard Mckeon, President, BlackTie International

ICON Corporate Finance & Atlantic-Crossing
Atlantic-Crossing has been a collaborative partner of ICON Corporate FInance to identify technology companies that need strategic funding or equity restructuring. Atlantic-Crossing has increased exposure for ICON in US and India and also identified several companies as clients.

Testimonial from ICON Corporate Finance
"Atlantic-Crossing have been a pleasure to work with, They have total commitment to achieving their objectives and are excellent at developing business relationships. We look forward to an ongoing and long term relationship."
Alan Bristow, CEO, ICON Corporate Finance

Case studies by Athena Insights - a start up that Atlantic-Crossing is helping from the ground up, guiding them with business development, creating strategic alliances and branding.
Case Study: Financial Services
Asset Management Firm with a unique approach to investing
Collaboration Overview
Automation: Provide an automated approach to collection of data across multiple third-party data providers, employ the rigorous methodology of the Asset Manager, and generate one-page reports per individual traded symbol
Report Formatting: Provide a way for the firm to format the reports according to the needs

Key Results Case Study: Financial Services
Democratization: Provide one-page reports to investors based on the unique investment philosophy
Revenue Generation: Generate additional revenue based on the reports being made available to users

Case Study: Consumer Product Wholesales (B2B)
Retail Giant (India) with consumer product wholesale operations across the whole of India
Collaboration Overview
Automation: Provide an automated approach to collection of data across multiple third-party data providers
Business Intelligence: Provide business intelligence for the operations team to gain pricing insights Case Study: Consumer Product Wholesales (B2B)
Analytics: Volume and geographical pricing analytics to gain market share and revenue advantage
Key Results
Revenue and Profit: Generate additional revenue and profit based on the business intelligence and the pricing analytics

Case Study: Technology Strategy Partnering
Technology start-up providing software that can enhance the sales capabilities
Technology start-up focusing on providing capabilities for firms with remote workers
Collaboration Overview
Technology Partnership: Outsourcing model (partnering with Bilight Solutions), reducing the cost and resource footprint for start-ups
Value-added Reseller: Introduce the start-up products to the broad partner network Case Study: Technology Strategy Partnering
Key Results
Product Development: Ease the product development process by collaboration
Revenue Generation: Act as an additional sales channel for the start-ups
Entry into additional markets: Study the product features and introduce the product to Pharma & Recruitment industries.