AtlanticCrossing partners with Tangram Research to introduce its AI Roadmap ‘AIR’ - AI done Right initiative to the Indian Market


AtlanticCrossing, a dedicated player in AI consulting and strategy services, is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with Tangram, a renowned marketing research and consultancy company. This partnership aims to introduce AtlanticCrossing’s AI Roadmap initiative ‘AIR’ - AI done Right to the dynamic and burgeoning Indian market.

AtlanticCrossing’s AI Roadmap initiative, AIR, is designed to empower businesses with the full potential of artificial intelligence, steering them toward their goals. The company has a strong network of seasoned AI experts and a proud affiliation with the Amazon Web Services Partner (AWS) network. This collaboration with Tangram marks a significant milestone in extending the reach of AI-driven solutions in India.

Tangram Research and Consultancy Pvt Ltd is a pioneering name in the marketing research industry, specializing in market research and survey services. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, Tangram has decided to integrate AI into its research and analysis processes. This strategic collaboration with AtlanticCrossing sets the stage for the Indian market to witness cutting-edge advancements in the world of market research, analysis, and AI integration.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to demonstrate how AI can enhance market research services, streamline data analysis, and provide clients with insights that are not only accurate but also actionable. By leveraging AI-driven tools and predictive analytics, Tangram will be able to process and analyze data faster, deliver more efficient and accurate research results, and offer forward-looking insights to clients, helping them make informed strategic decisions.

Moreover, personalized surveys, a key element of this partnership, are set to improve response rates and data quality, ensuring more valuable research outcomes. With AI integration, Tangram will elevate client satisfaction by providing more detailed and actionable research reports in real time.

The collaboration between AtlanticCrossing and Tangram is a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients, setting new industry standards, and maintaining a strong position in the competitive market research landscape.

This exciting partnership is expected to create a ripple effect in the Indian market, offering businesses an opportunity to harness the true power of AI through AtlanticCrossing’s AI Roadmap initiative, AIR.

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