Transforming Employee Satisfaction Surveys with AI: Tangram’s Success Story with AtlanticCrossing’s AIR


In the ever-evolving landscape of human resources and organizational development, Employee Satisfaction Surveys (ESS) have become a cornerstone of understanding employee sentiment, engagement, and well-being. Tangram Research, a renowned name in marketing research and consultancy, embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with AtlanticCrossing’s AI Roadmap initiative, ‘AIR.’ This journey aimed to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize Employee Satisfaction Surveys. This document explores the remarkable success story of how AI-powered ESS has propelled Tangram into a new era of HR analytics and employee engagement.

Chapter 1: The Challenge
Employee Satisfaction Surveys are indispensable for organizations to gauge employee morale, identify areas of improvement, and enhance organizational effectiveness. The challenge, however, lies in managing vast amounts of survey responses and translating them into actionable insights. This process can be resource-intensive, time-consuming, and often relies on subjective human interpretation.

Chapter 2: The Solution
Tangram recognized the need for a more efficient and insightful approach to ESS. To address this, they turned to AtlanticCrossing’s AIR initiative, which leverages AI capabilities. The collaboration aimed to: 1. Streamline Data Analysis: AI’s data analysis capabilities expedited the processing of survey responses. 2. Enhance Sentiment Analysis: Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques were employed to decipher the nuances in employee comments and sentiments. 3. Extract Actionable Insights: AI interprets survey data and extracts actionable insights, pinpointing areas where departments can improve employee satisfaction. 4. Predict Trends: AI provides predictive analytics, forecasting employee satisfaction trends, allowing proactive issue resolution. 5. User-Friendly Dashboards: Interactive dashboards were introduced, enabling all departments to visualize and understand the data effectively.

Chapter 3: Tangram’s Success
The integration of AI into ESS will mark a turning point for Tangram: • Efficiency Boost: Tangram will observe significant time and resource savings as AI streamlined the data analysis process. • Precise Recommendations: Tangram’s clients will receive precise, data-driven recommendations, facilitating targeted actions for improving employee satisfaction. • Proactive HR: Predictive analytics will empower departments to address concerns before they escalate into major issues. • Improved Communication: Interactive dashboards will facilitate efficient cross-departmental communication, fostering collaboration and understanding.

Chapter 4: The Impact
Tangram’s journey with AIR’s AI-powered ESS solution has left a lasting impact on their approach to HR analytics: • A Catalyst for Positive Change: ESS became a dynamic tool for fostering a happier, more engaged workforce. • Forward-Thinking HR: Tangram now approaches employee satisfaction with a proactive stance, addressing concerns before they become significant issues. • Enhanced Collaboration: Improved communication and collaboration across departments boosted the overall workplace environment.

Chapter 5: The Future
As Tangram continues to embrace AI-powered ESS, they look to the future with optimism: • Expanding Horizons: Tangram envisions further growth and diversification in the HR analytics landscape. • A Model for Others: Their successful journey serves as an example of how AI can elevate traditional HR processes. • A Strong Partnership: The collaboration between Tangram and AtlanticCrossing’s AIR initiative continues to yield innovative solutions for the HR industry.

Chapter 6: Conclusion
In conclusion, Tangram’s partnership with AtlanticCrossing’s AIR initiative has been transformative. By harnessing the power of AI, they have turned Employee Satisfaction Surveys into a catalyst for positive change and a key driver of organizational success. This success story illustrates the potential of AI to revolutionize traditional HR practices, making workplaces better and more productive.

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