Unlock New Dimensions of Productivity and Innovation with Virtend: A Visionary Partnership with AtlanticCrossing


San Francisco, November 9, 2023
Virtend, an industry-transforming solution in 3D virtual collaboration, has solidified its partnership with AtlanticCrossing, expanding its horizons into uncharted realms of growth. Virtend, an innovative creation of 3DICC, remains at the vanguard of harnessing advanced technology to unlock unprecedented levels of productivity and foster innovation.

Revolutionizing Collaboration with 3D Virtual Platforms:
In toda's rapidly evolving work landscape, Virtend is leading the way in transforming how teams collaborate. Their innovative 3D virtual collaboration platform redefines the workplace, providing unparalleled benefits to organizations of all sizes.

Key Advantages of Virtend’s 3D Virtual Collaboration:

Escape the 2D Boundaries:
Virtend’s platform transcends traditional video conferencing, immersing teams in a three-dimensional digital workspace that fosters presence and engagement, even when working remotely.

Ignite Creativity and Innovation:
Virtend's platform ignites innovation by replicating the spontaneous brainstorming and creative encounters that often occur in physical office settings. It facilitates collaboration on virtual whiteboards, manipulation of 3D models, and dynamic brainstorming.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Productivity:
Virtend seamlessly integrates with existing workflow tools, creating a one-stop solution for project management, file sharing, and real-time collaboration. This streamlining enhances efficiency and boosts productivity.

Recreate the Office Experience for Remote Teams:
Virtend's platform overcomes the isolation often associated with remote work by fostering a sense of belonging and community, mirroring the camaraderie of an office setting.

Real-Time Communication and Collaboration:
Virtend’s 3D virtual space enables teams to communicate naturally in real-time, just as if they were physically co-located. Spatial audio facilitates side conversations, quick updates, and large group discussions, expediting decision-making and collaboration.

Global Collaboration, No Boundaries:
Virtend breaks geographical barriers, allowing seamless global teamwork. Teams and clients collaborate effortlessly, regardless of their physical locations, fostering togetherness and inclusivity.

A Visionary Partnership with Atlantic-Crossing:
Virtend's mission to redefine the way teams collaborate aligns seamlessly with Atlantic-Crossing's role as a strategic partner. Atlantic-Crossing is instrumental in shaping Virtend’s AI strategy and exploring new business opportunities. Their collaboration is poised to drive transformation and prosperity.

"Virtend's 3D virtual collaboration platform is a game-changer in today's dynamic business landscape. It is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence," says Eliot Miranda, Chief Technologist at 3DICC Ritika Hiranandani, the Head of AtlanticCrossing's Executive Team, articulated, "Our partnership with Virtend is firmly rooted in a unified vision of achieving success through our groundbreaking initiative, AIR (AI Roadmap). Virtend stands as a strategic catalyst for empowering businesses with transformative solutions, and AtlanticCrossing deems it a pivotal instrument for nurturing effective collaboration among businesses."

Together, Virtend and AtlanticCrossing are redefining the future of work, enabling businesses to thrive, innovate, and prosper like never before.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: info@atlantic-crossing.net

About Virtend: Virtend, a flagship product of 3DICC, is committed to pioneering the frontiers of collaboration and productivity. Their cutting-edge 3D virtual collaboration platform is meticulously crafted to amplify innovation, teamwork, and global connectivity.

About AtlanticCrossing: AtlanticCrossing is a renowned business advisory firm and AI consulting firm that specializes in guiding organizations to achieve their growth through innovative strategies. Their expertise and guidance are dedicated to fostering business success.