"Cricket for India" and "Cricket for USA" Partner with Wall Street Luminary to Launch Financial Education


8th November 2023 - "Cricket for India" and "Cricket for USA," leading social media platforms for cricket enthusiasts, are delighted to announce their strategic partnership with renowned financial luminary Jordan Kimmel. This partnership marks the beginning of a unique initiative that intertwines the worlds of cricket and financial education.

Cricket and Financial Education: A Winning Combination
Cricket is more than just a sport; it's a cultural phenomenon with a massive brand value, captivating millions of enthusiasts across India and also picking up spped in the United States. Through their digit social media platforms, “Cricket for India” and “Cricket for USA" have successfully harnessed the passion and dedication of over 3.5 million cricket fans and built a rich legacy spanning almost two decades.

Jordan Kimmel’s Expertise:
Jordan Kimmel is a renowned financial expert, with decades of experience on Wall Street. Jordan is best known for co-creating two stock selection models, most widely known is the Magnet® model which has been licensed to leading institutions including John Nuveen & Co.
Over his career, Jordan has made hundreds of appearances on CNBC, Fox News and ABC News, been quoted extensively in print including been profiled in Forbes.
For over 15 years, Jordan was followed by AAII (American Association of Individual Investors), and his Magnet model had one of the highest ranking over many of those years. He has also written three insightful books on investing. Jordan's books have been widely endorsed by many of the top professionals in the industry. He is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at investment industry meetings and national conferences.
As the driving force behind the Magnet Fund, celebrated for its remarkable returns in the U.S. market, Jordan Kimmel embodies a trusted source of financial expertise, illuminating the path to investment success.
This partnership leverages the power of these cricket-loving communities and introduces financial education as the newest player in the game. By collaborating with well-known Wall Street professionals and starting with the esteemed Jordan Kimmel, "Cricket for India" and "Cricket for USA" are creating a platform where cricket fans can gain valuable insights into financial literacy, investments, and wealth management.

Introducing Jordan Kimmel: A Beacon of Financial Expertise
Jordan Kimmel, a respected name in the world of finance, will serve as a beacon of financial expertise in this unique partnership. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, Jordan brings his knowledge and insights to the cricket enthusiasts, making financial education more accessible and engaging than ever.

Valuation Soars Over Several Millions
As the cricket universe expands, and with the inclusion of financial education, "Cricket for India" and "Cricket for USA" are poised for remarkable growth. Their estimated valuation is anticipated to surge over several millions, reflecting the potential for monetization, advertising revenue, and sponsorship opportunities.

A Bright Future for Cricket Enthusiasts
This groundbreaking partnership opens doors for cricket lovers to not only celebrate their passion for the sport but also to explore the world of finance. As the valuation soars and the platforms continue to grow, they will serve as gateways to even more opportunities for expansion, engagement, and learning.

Stay Tuned for the Financial Revolution with Jordan Kimmel
"Cricket for India" and "Cricket for USA" are thrilled to embark on this unique journey that blends the excitement of cricket with the knowledge of financial literacy. As the partnership takes shape, stay tuned for updates on the financial revolution that's about to sweep through the cricket-loving communities.

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