Mobile Application Development

Our development team can provide mobile apps consulting, design and development services for iPhone, iPad, Android and the Cloud.

The industries for which apps have been developed include healthcare, finance (trading and commodities). We are also designing sports apps.

We ensure that our team provides end-to-end app development services from concept creation, UX and UI design, creative design, development, testing to deployment.

This is a broad outline of the methodology that is followed:-

Project Development Plan
The project plan begins with an architectural design that caters to the individual desires of our clients. This design is broken down the project into phases or modules, which are organized towards completing project milestones. We deliver features and functionality with each milestone, thus adding value to the entire project.

Coding and Unit Testing
After setting the project milestones, we assign tasks to the development team. Our developers write code in Objective-C using XCode and the latest iPhone Software Development Kit. The quality assurance team writes test cases to assure functionality based on testers' feedbacks and projected user interactions with the software. We also test speed and performance through Apple's developer tools to assure compatibility of the application with the first, second and third generation iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.

Delivery and Approval
Once the internal teams are satisfied with the performance of the application, we deliver an external version to the client for acceptance. Based on client feedback, we make all the necessary changes to gain approval.

After receiving the client approval, we do a final quality assurance to ensure all Apple guidelines are being met and that there are no functional or user interface issues with the app. As a last step, we submit the app for Apple's review with all the required details and await its release on the App Store.